Offerta di lavoro: Junior Operations – Startupper


We are a new startup founded by a team of Bocconi, Mckinsey, and Rocket Internet alumni.
We are launching the website shortly and we are putting together a selected team of highly-motivated graduates to guide the company through setup, launch, and growth phases.
We are building Italy’s online service marketplace: the platform where you can find your personal trainer, photographer, plumber or chef. We do not accept the current antiquated model relying on yellow pages and word of mouth, and we will change they ways Italians find and pick service providers. The opportunity is huge: the company will be worth hundreds of millions of dollars – and we’re creating it from scratch.


  • You ache to work for a startup. You understand that startups grow and become huge, or fail and die. This does not scare you – you find it exciting;
  • You are itching for real responsibility – to be in a position where you can really make or break the company;
  • You want to build something huge that will change the way all your friends and family look for services;
  • You hate bureaucracy and the slowness of big corporations. You experienced it and are depressed at the thought of working there again;
  • You don’t like symbols of power. You want to work in a small team, all under 30, in an open-space startup-like environment without corner offices or fancy furniture;
  • You figure things out. You do not expect nor need hand-holding;
  • You have the startup all-hands-on-deck I’ll-make-it-happen-no-matter-what approach!

Your role: operations executive

You will be responsible for making our service work. You will ensure that demand and supply match, that customer satisfaction is high, that service level requirements are met. You are in the position that makes or breaks the business: this is the core of what we do.
Your job will transform several times over the first year of the company’s life. What you do during your first month may be completely different from your third month. At first, you will be working at very close contact with service professionals, understanding their needs and ensuring they are matched with end users.
Your career path: stellar candidates grow quickly, will be placed in charge of larger and larger teams of people and cover executive roles. There’s so much to do, that every promotion is a win for the company.


Experience: work experience in sales is a plus. However we are happy to talk to candidates with no relevant work experience but great passion.
Personal: Independent. Impatient. Not afraid of getting his hands dirty.
IT: Microsoft Excel.
Languages: Italian fluency is required.


ProntoPro mette in contatto i migliori professionisti con i clienti ideali. Vogliamo diventare sinonimi di qualità dei servizi ed eliminare tutte le incertezze dovute alla mancanza di informazioni per permettere a tutti di concentrarsi solo sull’ottenere il risultato ottimale.